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Crush is an ideas-led creative agency. We are made up of a core team of thinkers, designers, illustrators and animators. Our craftsmanship, fresh perspective and a sense of humour delivers original and effective results for brands around the world.

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  • Carl Rush
    Carl RushA-Z
    A Ambitious
    B Brighton
    C Creativity
    D Dancing
    E Energy
    F Family
    G Gus
    H Helen
    I Inquisitive
    J Jazz
    K Kern
    L Lucky
    M Music
    N Never say Never
    O Optimistic
    P Positive
    Q Quaff
    R Running
    S Stella
    T Techno
    U Underground
    V Velvet
    W Wonky
    X Xylophone
    Y Yes
    Z Zzzzzzz
  • India Pearce
    India PearceA-Z
    A Antiques
    B Beach
    C Campari
    D Daffodils
    E Earrings
    F Fake or Fortune
    G Gravy
    H Herbie
    I Inquisitive
    J Jammy
    K Kittens
    L Little
    M MasterChef
    N Naples
    O Orangina
    P Pasta
    Q Quiche
    R Reliable
    S Sun
    T Travel
    U Ultraprecise
    V Vintage
    W Winnie
    X Xmas
    Y Yummy food
    Z Zebras
  • Hattie Darlington
    Hattie DarlingtonA-Z
    A April
    B Bourbon
    C Cheese
    D Decorous
    E Exuberant
    F F.r.i.e.n.d.s
    G Greenies
    H Horses
    I Indecisive
    J Joyous
    K Ketchup
    L Lavingne
    M Movies
    N Noodles
    O Oreos
    P Peanut Butter
    Q Quack
    R Ragdoll
    S Spaniel
    T Thriller
    U Unagi
    V Vegetables
    W Wine
    X Xerochilia
    Y Yabber
    Z Zombie
  • Laura Simmons
    Laura SimmonsA-Z
    A Australia Street
    B Brimful of Asha
    C Classic
    D Delete
    E Everlasting Light
    F Fade Out Lines
    G Gold Snafu
    H Hang Loose
    I It’ll All Work Out
    J Just Like Heaven
    K Kingdom
    L Love Survive
    M Marinade
    N Night Ride
    O Ocean Man
    P Peaceful Life
    Q Quiet Light
    R Romeo
    S Spotify
    T The Love I Need
    U Uptown Folks
    V Vertigo
    W Watercolour Eyes
    X X&Y
    Y Your Girlfriend
    Z Zombie
  • Theo Bain
    Theo BainA-Z
    A Art
    B Brighton
    C Creative
    D Denby
    E Emotional
    F Friends
    G Gym
    H History
    I Illustrator
    J Jovial
    K Keeper
    L Laughing
    M Musicals
    N Netflix
    O Origami
    P Prosecco
    Q Queer
    R Reading
    S Smiley
    T Theosophical
    U Unique
    V Vicarious
    W Wine
    X Xenial
    Y Yang
    Z Zany
  • Tom Cheal
    Tom ChealA-Z
    A Abstract
    B Boxing
    C Carpentry
    D Drum & Bass
    E Easy Going
    F F1
    G Garms
    H Habanero
    I IPA
    J Jokes
    K Kerning
    L Layout
    M Minimalist
    N Nandos
    O Orange
    P Playstation
    Q Quote
    R Rave
    S (TV) Shows
    T Thrill Seeker
    U UFC
    V Vibrant
    W Workout
    X Xtal
    Y Yogurt
    Z Zombie
  • Tom Endean
    Tom EndeanA-Z
    A Adventure
    B Bikes
    C Climbing
    D Doughnuts
    E Environmental
    F Foodie
    G Guitar
    H Hairy
    I Ideas
    J Jump in
    K King Gizzard
    L Lettering
    M Music
    N Nonsense
    O Outdoors
    P Photography
    Q Questioning
    R Reading
    S Surf
    T Too many Hobbies
    U Ultimate Frisbee
    V Vegan
    W Wordy
    X Xerox
    Y Yeah?
    Z Zag
  • Lewis Webster
    Lewis WebsterA-Z
    A Artistic
    B BJJ
    C Chatterbox
    D Designer
    E Eager
    F Football
    G Guitars
    H Hardcore Punk
    I Indy Colts
    J Joyous
    K Keen
    L Liverpool
    M Metal
    N Nimble
    O Open-Minded
    P Passionate
    Q Quirky
    R Researcher
    S Scouse
    T Three-Dee
    U Uplifting
    V Vibrant
    W Welcoming
    X Xenial
    Y Yappy
    Z Zealous
  • Emilie Bohin
    Emilie BohinA-Z
    A Alpes
    B Bonjour
    C Chat
    D Douceur
    E Etoile
    F Filante
    G Grandir
    H Hardcore
    I Imagination
    J Jardin
    K Kir
    L L’art de vivre
    M Merci
    N Nuits d’été
    O Objectif
    P Possible
    Q Questioner
    R Rien sans rien
    S Sudiste
    T Tapioca
    U Un jour…
    V Vivre libre
    W Wisp
    X Xoxo
    Y Yin
    Z Zarbi
  • Jill Lovegrove
    Jill LovegroveA-Z
    A Archie
    B Brocante
    C Cake
    D Diamonds
    E Empathy
    F Feisty
    G Grandma
    H Herstmonceux
    I Invoices
    J Jelly Babies
    K Kenya
    L Leo
    M Mumma
    N Numbers
    O Online shopping
    P Patriotic
    Q Quality Street
    R Rock Choir
    S Sauvignon Blanc
    T Theatre
    U Upcycle
    V Veggie
    W Walking
    X Xero
    Y Yoghurt
    Z Zealous