Laine Brew Co.

Capturing the bohemian spirit of Laine Brew Co. serving 47 creative pubs across London and Brighton.

We created a brand new visual identity, packaging and POS assets for Laine Brew Co. – a stand-alone brewing business which serves the Laine estate and beyond of 47 individual and creative pubs across London and Brighton.
The overall concept for the identity is ‘Mr. Good Times’ stemming for the simple proposition that there is nothing better than having a good time with your mates. (Well not a lot). Let Laine’s beer be the dispensary of happiness, the bringer of good times.
Stories and personalities from particular pubs in Laine’s estate were used to add a further dimension to individual beers through a suite of illustrative led artwork used on lenses, clips and bottles.
The aim of the new visual identity is to capture the bohemian spirit and creative values prevalent in the pubs and apply it the Brew Co.

Crush were an amazing agency to work with. They took our vision and came up with something truly different and original. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

Laine Brew Co.