Emoji madness for some of the biggest

brands in the world.

Express yourself through emojis… Well thats exactly what we have been doing at Crush, because for the last two years we have produced emoji keyboards & stickers for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Bloomingdale’s, Nike, VH1 and Serena Williams. Harper’s Bazaar commissioned us to create a set of emojis to coincide with New York Fashion Week. Budding fashionistas were pleased to see Karl Lagerfeld and his cat, Mac Lady Danger lipstick, the Olsen Twins and Dior pearl earrings amongst the icons. This campaign gained huge press and online coverage at launch and created a SM stir in the fashion world. When we designed and built the Bloomoticon app they rolled out a full campaign to support the release online, in print and in store. They appeared on the store’s Medium Brown Bag, on special merchandise including an iPhone Little Brown Case, coffee mugs and a Little Black Book notebook. Bloomoticon stickers were also distributed in stores encouraging customers to share their favourite fashionable moments via social media.

I <3 Bloomies
Harpers Bazaar
VH1 Vmoji
Ones that got away