Comedy Central - Summer Idents

Going way beyond internet cats.

Always wanting to raise the bar and deliver the unexpected, Viacom commissioned us to make their summer Idents for Comedy Central.
Out of several ideas we presented to them, in true CC style they went for the wild card concept of ‘Animals on Holiday’. Gulp. In collaboration with Otherfinger Films we brought 5 Idents to life with no less that 9 beasts, all shot with hot lights to recreate a weird high fashion look.

Not content with a simple graphic CC overlay to conclude each piece, we stepped away from the computer on this one and made the Comedy Central logo out of all manner of imaginative art department techniques including sculpted rabbit poo, laser etched sausages and even a bespoke tattooed deer hide. The idents air in Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

We always want to do better and more interesting work, which naturally is why we like working with Crush, to help us take things to the next level.

Creative Director
Viacom International Media Networks